About me II – Manik Shiralkar

About me II

About me

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

http://paulhaberstroh.com/tag/paul-haberstroh/page/2/ Manik.shiralkar I am from Hubli Karnataka (incredible India) Wanderlust, hard worker focused hard worker, creative, photographer. Photography for me means is enthusiasm, like and love to click all the wonderful snaps, I'm a travel freak, I love to travel all the time, Photography has been chosen by me since I was 16 which turned to a tremendous change in my life. Dream of travelling the world around. Photography me to be turn from hobitual to a profeesion, love to click and anecdote the picture, which could give me ajoy and please doing that would like to indulge in this. Love to find the intreity things in an ordinary places. its a camera which teaches to me how to see without a camera...so this my journey so far ...

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